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My Bulgarian Mission Experience

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read these testimonies you will find yourself hungry to see God move in the same way in your own family, neighbourhood and church; you will be challenged to simply step out, trust and obey.


It's already receiving great reviews.


"This book tells the story of what can happen to us all if we will simply follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Tim has done this. follow him through the triumphs and valleys that he has traversed to know Him who is invisible. A must read to stir up your faith in these end times."

Ian Andrews

International Association of  Healing Ministries


" I know perhaps of few who could write a book entitled 'Living Without a Safety Net' but I have a very strong belief that there will be many more living that way as a result of reading this book. I am  humbled  as  I  read  it,  challenged  to  an upgrade in my desire to trust and obey."

Paul Manwaring

Bethel Church Redding California


"This is a great account of Tim's life and ministry. It inspires all of us to remain loyal and faithfull to the calling of God. This Tim has done (and continues to do) over all these years. Knowing Tim as I do I am sure there will be much more to be written in the coming years."

Derek Brown 

International Apostolic Ministry


To read the forward or to purchase the book click here


Tim's new book is packed with remarkable accounts of healings, miracles and salvation, it tells how Tim encountered Jesus in his early life and how he began to walk by faith and bring Christ's love to countless lives. In each of Tim's stories there is a pearl of wisdom to be found - a lesson he learned about the walk of faith, often with far-reaching effects. As you


I went to Bulgaria with an open mind and Spirit and I wasn't disappointed. We were blessed with good weather, which always helps, and the food and accommodation exceeded my expectations. However the best part of the trip was the wonderful people I met. Everyone was so friendly and so open to what God had to impart through us. We saw people filled with the Holy Spirit, released in tongues, healed and baptised. Tim was gracious and encouraging, giving me lots of opportunities to minister and on one or two occasions challenged me to be brave and trust God and I am glad he did. I was able to see for myself the power of the Holy Spirit at work in people's lives. It was a privilege to join Tim on the trip and I hope to return. There is much need in Bulgaria and there are many wonderful churches eager to receive from God. I would thoroughly recommend joining Spearhead on a mission trip.


By Elaine Ashby

What a privilege it was to be asked to minister at "Heaven Partners Camp Meetings" in Arabygdvegen Telemark Norway. We were surrounded by beautiful mountains and countryside. The people were hungry for spiritual things, very appreciative and encouraging. I was ministering alongside Inge Roysland an evangelist from Norway and Richard Albertsson a pastor from Sweden. I had been asked to speak at four sessions but ended up doing five during the week and taught on what it means to be 'naturally supernatural', continually filled with the Holy Spirit and to move in faith. By the end of the week people were moving in the power gifts with increasing confidence and ministering to those with physical and emotional needs.

Heaven Partner Camp Meetings Norway

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