Spearhead is committed to envisioning, equipping and enabling churches to reach their communities effectively and to moving in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is headed up by Tim Grant. He is married to Kim with two older children. He has been involved in a number of church plants the last of which he pastored for ten years. He now works as the evangelist for the KC21 network of churches as well as heading up Spearhead. He has travelled the world extensively ministering, preaching the Good News and seeking to release the church in faith and the power of the Holy Spirit.

At the heart of Spearheads Vision is to:


Envision - Equip - Enable


Every member of the church to further the Great Commission, by being an effective witness of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done in and around their lives:


With their family and friends

At the place where they work

In the street where they live


We want to release those called to be evangelists to fulfil their calling in the:






Nations of the world


So that together we might see the gospel preached throughout the world.


The Evangelist


To recognise those with the gift of the evangelist within the church.

To train and equip them to share their faith and to encourage others to witness.

To release at least one evangelist into each small cell of the church, that they may help to encourage and equip the members to bear witness of their faith and implement church strategies.


The Church


To ensure that every believer understands the need for and their personal responsibility to witness.

To provide tools that will increase confidence and faith to ensure each member feels able to accomplish the task.

To help identify and create opportunities to reach out wherever believers may find themselves.

To lay a firm foundation of prayer.


Spearhead is an associate ministry of the KC21 network of churches based at Aldershot Hampshire.

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