Reports: Albania


Conference in Elbasan Autumn 2014

From Bulgaria I traveled by car with friends from both Bulgaria and Russia through Macedonia to Albania, an eight hour drive. We had been invited to speak at a small conference on evangelism in Elbasan.


Albania was one of the most tyranical of all the Communist block regimes and since the fall of communism has developed very little; people generally are very poor and jobs almost impossible to find. Islam is now the most prominent religion and as we traveled through the country many towns had two or more mosques. Despite this the Christians we met were enthusiastic and keen to learn from us. They are already involved with many Non Government Organisations who are seeking to meet the needs of the poor. So the things we had to say about evangelism dovetailed well into what they are already doing.


As a result we were asked to come back next year to do a larger conference on evangelism and to follow that with a Tent Mission in September of 2015.


While there we were asked to attend a project that seeks to support widows and orphans in the town with little or no income. Each month the project gives out hampers of essentials to help see them through. There must have been about sixty people plus children; it was truly a great mercy ministry. I was asked to tell a Bible story a little like Sunday school. I chose to tell them the greatest love story of a God who loved them so much that He sent His Son to die for all our wrongdoings (I preached the Gospel). After I spoke about fifteen of the people asked Jesus into their lives as Lord and Saviour. It was a special morning seeing these folks step into God's Kingdom.


 by Tim Grant






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