Reports: Bulgaria


My Bulgarian Mission Experience


By Elaine Ashby

bulgaria flag

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I went to Bulgaria with an open mind and Spirit and I wasn't disappointed. We were blessed with good weather, which always helps, and the food and accommodation exceeded my expectations. However the best part of the trip was the wonderful people I met. Everyone was so friendly and so open to what God had to impart through us. We saw people filled with the Holy Spirit, released in tongues, healed and baptised.


Tim was gracious and encouraging, giving me lots of opportunities to minister and on one or two occasions challenged me to be brave and trust God and I am glad he did. I was able to see for myself the power of the Holy Spirit at work in people's lives.


It was a privilege to join Tim on the trip and I hope to return. There is much need in Bulgaria and there are many wonderful churches eager to receive from God. I would thoroughly recommend joining Spearhead on a mission trip.