Spearhead as an organisation runs completely by faith. God has been so good to us since we started running missions some years back. He has enabled us to purchase three large tents, one of which we felt lead to give to a work in Sri Lanka enabling evangelists there to more effectively reach their nation. Plus we have been able to purchase staging, a PA system, lighting rigs, two vehicles to carry it all in plus so much more which enables us to run missions without requiring any financial commitment from the churches we are working with although most do make a gift towards our work for which we are grateful.


We do however at this time have a number of purchases we would like to make which will help us to continue to offer high quality of ministry. Below are listed some of these items with approximate costings. If you are able to help us by purchasing or part purchasing any of these please click the button below to make a donation or contact us by clicking here.


Video Equipment

We are at this time seeking to put many of the church and leadership training materials we have on to DVD to further support the works we are involved with. To do this we are making a significant initial capital investment in equipment so please help us resource churches and their leaders by buying a piece of equipment for this project.


                                     2   Large video screens                                 £500 each


Tent Heaters

To extend the season of usage for tents in Britain we have already purchsed one heater but require another two to make the temperature more comfortable in the evening evnts.


                                     2  Diesel Blow Heaters                                  £1,700 each



We are looking to replace our current truck with an HGV lorry to carry our ever expanding inventory of equipment.


                                     HGV lorry                                                           £10,000



If you would like to financially support the work of Spearhead please click the button below to make a donation:

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