Reports: Croatia



Our team of four arrived in Osijek after a long trip from Bulgaria via Serbia involving two minibuses, a coach, two lorries and a few cars! We were greeted with wonderful hospitality and food from the moment we arrived which lasted  throughout our time there.The focus of the trip was a tent outreach in a beautiful part of the old town by the side of the river. The first task was to get the tent up in failing light amongst a large swarm of mosquitoes with big appetites! After a big push from the team and locals, the tent was up and we were ready to collapse in bed!


The tent was highly visible to locals and tourists walking by and those enjoying the water park on the other side of the river. Each evening meetings were put  on with lively worship music, drama,dance and a powerful message about how Jesus came to give us life to the full.


Every day we saw people respond and give their lives to Jesus. A number of people also came forward for prayer

and we saw many people healed physically and emotionally. One night the Lord gave us a word for someone who was feeling overwhelmed by depression. A girl came forward for prayer who had been struggling with serious depression and suicidal thoughts. After receiving prayer and the Holy Spirit, she felt the depression lift and a new sense of freedom. A woman came forward for prayer for a hip pain which had been bothering her for years. After prayer she was instantly healed and very thankful to God.


As our team left, it was with a sadnessof leaving new friends but with a confidence of knowing that the new believers would be loved and well looked after by their new family!


Jon and Sarah Noble

Osijek ~ June 2010

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