Reports: Czech Republic

We arrived in sunny Ostrava after a very efficient flight from Prague and spent the next week primarily encouraging the Roznov ministry team and fledgling church in how to reach out effectively into their local community and fulfill their vision for the town. We met with various expressions of the Apostolic Church in Roznov which is a church planting project from the ‘mother’ church in Valasske Mezirici (Val Mez for short!) which began in January of this year. They have a vision to see church planted throughout the Walachian region of Czech and already have a work in Vsettin and this new venture is a step of faith in obedience to the calling that Roman and his wife Marcie feel upon their lives.


Why Roznov? Because they believe that God wants to establish a fellowship that will love Him and carry on the witness of the gospel in a town that lies at the foot of the Radhost mountain with a population of around eighteen thousand.


They hold to the values of worship, fellowship, spiritual growth, service and evangelisation.


With an established ministry team they have begun to meet weekly in life churches in Roznov and are now meeting every Sunday morning in the local town centre to celebrate Jesus.


The church has seen God faithfully provide their projected budget needs for the next threee years when they expect to be fully self-sufficient and have a thriving work established. Already they are making significant inroads into the community and seeing new people join them.


We spent time with the ministry teams of both the Roznov and Val Mez churches and enjoyed linking up again with Tomas Galda in Vsettin who is running a project to reach out primarily to the youth of the city. It was with Tomas that the team from the Liquid Youth congregation in Haslemere worked in the summer of 2006 teaching at an English camp and taking part in a gospel outreach programme. See article below.


The work has an excitement and an air of expectation to see God move powerfully in the town and we look forward to continuing our relationship with this vibrant new venture as we visit on a regular basis to encourage and support the leadership there.

Church Plant in Czech - 2009

Liquid Youth in Val Mez

In August 2006 a team from Liquid youth congregation joined with Tim Grant to spend a week working with a local church in Val Mez. The majority of the week was taken up helping on an English camp, teaching young people the English language during the day then at night holding Gospel meetings for the camp students. Although the camp wasn’t what we expected, it was great fun getting  to know the local young people, playing sports with them and building them up in their faith. The camp was lead by young leaders from the church and we had lots of opportunity to pray for them, teach them about being lead by the spirit and praying for them to be filled and imparted with spiritual gifts.


Once the camp was over we then joined the church for an evangelistic weekend on one of the local estates. The Saturday was made up of us playing games with the estate children, doing face painting, nail art, sports and much much more! We had lots of time to talk to the residence from the area, most of whom were very intrigued by what we were doing and wanted to know why we were there! On the Sunday we held an open air gospel meeting in the middle of 5 massive flat blocks. It was great seeing residence come and join us in worship and seeking God. Tim gave a great gospel message which then naturally followed on to an alter-call and praying for the sick. The response was awesome, one man left his flat balcony to be prayed for after Tim prophesied about his illness. That afternoon we saw many healed and saved, it was a great way to finish of the week and we left with very high spirits!


Beth Howkins

Youth pastor for 3 counties church