Earlier Reports: England

Seven Christian men with their fourteen guests visited the Life Discovery Centre near Crawley for a Multi-Activity day of karting, quad biking, jet skis, canoeing and paintball games. But the day was not just about fun, although one guest commented after the first event that it had already been “one of the best days of my life”. The purpose of the day was to give our guests space to think in a fun environment and that’s exactly what it did!

During the orientation session at the beginning of the day we were all asked to think about some questions of life during the morning activities. This worked well and many of us had opportunity to talk with our guests around the questions set.


Lunch was soup and rolls and we were asked to think about some more questions during the afternoon’s paintball games. Again the opportunities to talk were relaxed and flowed out of the natural run of the day and by the end of the afternoon’s paint balling I found myself sitting talking with a number of guests about the Lord, faith and life.

The day finished with a light meal and Jonathan from Life Discovery rounded it up by giving a Christian perspective on the questions that had been posed during the day. Everyone I spoke to had really enjoyed the day’s activities and all commented on what good value it was and for a number of our guests it had really caused them to think more about the reality of God and a relationship with Him through Jesus. What a great day!

Xtreme Sports Day

The dust has settled so it must be the right time to write an article! God’s provision was seen clearly right from the start when the Council inadvertently ‘gave away’ the original dates we had booked Poole Park for our venue.  It transpired to be a blessing as the weather during that week was dismal, but their alternative dates in August were amazing.  In fact it rained after we had put up the tent, then we had 5 days of warm, sunny weather, followed by more rain almost the moment after the tent had been packed away on the Sunday.  Praise God!


This year we were very thankful for another great team of workers from Poole, Aldershot, Italy and Tajikistan. The children’s ministry was run by a local team from the King’s Church Poole pioneered by Bev Heawood, what a Trojan she proved to be!  We had youth ministry consisting of the Coach Ministry and games most afternoons.  We also enjoyed break dancing and modern dance workshops on some of the afternoons.  In the evenings we held a “Quiz Night” and a banquet with Mark Stubbs, a local fireman and Atlantic rower as the after dinner speaker.  Both these evenings were greatly appreciated by the guests who attended.  We also held a healing night and a youth night on the Saturday evening, which were both blessed.  I have to make special mention of the Tajik break dancers who worked tirelessly all week performing their rigorous routines and giving their testimonies.  They drew large crowds, provoking many people to consider the claims of the gospel.

The Sunday celebration was very well attended with many guests plus our friends from the King’s Church Swanage. It was at this meeting that a couple of people gave their lives to Jesus which was the climax of the week.  Three months on and one of the converts is regularly in church and going on with Jesus, another we are hoping is going to the church with the friend who brought him along.  We also have a young man who is coming along and beginning to attend our youth group.  We are continuing to host evangelistic social events which are drawing new people.

There are many other benefits from holding a Tent Event, this one being the eighth we have held.  It builds relationships.  Working intensely in confined conditions with tight deadlines to meet, serving the Lord and the community, brings out the best in people.  It promotes such things and love, comradeship and servant hood.  It also raises the profile of the church within the community in general and within the Christian community.  Many pastors from the town are proud of what we do, a major Christian event which reaches unchurched people in a very central venue.  It also gives the leaders of the church insight into gifting and character amongst the membership of the church.

Thanks to all those who made the event possible again and as for the future, watch this space!


by Bill Rice, Leader King’s Church, Poole

Poole Summer Tent Event 2007

People from a number of different churches gathered together to attend a one day School of Healing  “You Are Anointed with Power!” which was run by a team from Spearhead recently in Northampton. Those attending were of greatly varying ages, backgrounds and gifting but all had one thing in common - a desire to see God's Kingdom come with power in their lives, churches and communities.


Throughout the day those attending discovered more about how to live and move in the power of the Holy Spirit and become all that God intended them to be. They were encouraged by the team to step out in faith and move more in the power of the Holy Spirit through teaching, testimonies and the teams own practical experiences.



Although it was a busy day everyone enjoyed it and found it to be helpful and encouraging. During the sessions we explored what it means to be anointed with power. Jesus said that when the Holy Sprit has come upon you, you will be anointed with power from on high. The day also sought to lay a biblical foundation for the healing ministry within the lives of those attending.


Who’s the course for?


The course is for anyone who is seeking to move out more in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is especially for those who have a desire to minister to anyone who is sick in body, mind or spirit.

Topics covered during the day included


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Healing in the Old Covenant

Healing under the New Covenant

Expectations and authority

The healing ministry of Jesus

Faith not formulas

Examples throughout Acts

The source of sicknesses


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School of Healing

Nineteen people graduated from Spearhead Evangelism’s first School of Evangelism held at the King’s Centre Aldershot. Many of these are now working in front line evangelistic ministry within the KC21 network of churches.


The course lasted ten weeks and was designed to equip those attending to work as evangelists based within the local church and to encourage others in the church to be effective witnesses. For more information on further training opportunities please click on contact us

Nineteen Graduate From School Of Evangelism

Churchgoers swept through Haselmere on the crest of The Wave, a week packed full of fun and voluntary help.  People who attend 3 Counties, St Bartholomew's, St Stephen's, Our Lady of Lourdes and the Methodist churches came together to bring Kate Burt's idea to life for the fourth year in a row.


Ten gardens were cleared, 80 cars were cleaned, 4 rooms were painted and decorated, and dozens of Tesco shoppers had their groceries bagged.  There was a barbecue, cafes, bingo, entertainment on Lion Green and a series of football matches between The Wave and local boys teams.


Attractions at a Family Fun Day included a bouncy castle, face painting and fishing for plastic ducks.  St Stephen's welcomed 82 children for songs, puppet shows, stories, crafts and games at its Up, Up and Away holiday club.  Comedian Joe Fisher provided the humour with a live show.

Wave of Fun and Help