Expect Great Things From God! Do great things for God!

The prophets are saying world wide that there is an open door that God has placed before us that we might step through it into all that God has for us. Clearly God wants to raise our levels of expectation. Realising this I felt God asking me two questions. They were similar to the ones Elisha asked the woman in 2 Kings 4:1-7.


The first was

“What are you expecting from God?” I believe that there is a direct correlation between what our expectations are of God and what we receive from Him. We can see this in II Kings 13:18-19 The kings attitude to the word of God through the prophet Elisha and his expectation of God limited the outworking of the prophets word over him and the nation of Israel. How often have we had a half hearted response to a prophetic word because our expectations of God are low and so limited the out working of that word in our lives?


Jesus sought to increase the disciples expectations after he cursed the fig tree in Matt 21:19-22


... Jesus answered and said to them, "Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, "Be taken up and cast into the sea, it will happen. "And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive." (NAU)

The disciples were amazed at what had happened to the fig tree. But Jesus says don’t be amazed by this, you can do even greater things than this with God.

I know that God is challenging me, as I believe He is all of us to believe for more! “More in 2004” was not meant to be just a nice ditty, it’s what God wants us to have, MORE. The only thing that stands in our way is our expectation of God.


 Just the other day I felt God said to me that my vision was too small yet what I was believing for and dreaming of was way out there on the edge of my faith resources. I believe He was encouraging me, in the same way that Elisha encouraged this widow, not to bring just a few vessels. If we are to see all that God has planned for us then we need to make sure that our expectations of God come into line with His desires for us.

Too many of us live as slaves rather than as sons and daughters of the most high God. A slave has rights to nothing. But a son or daughter can draw on all the wealth of their parents I know mine do! So expectations are important


What the widow had left over to live on after she had sold the oil to pay her debts was proportional to her expectations and how many vessels she brought. Let me ask you that question again. What are you expecting from God?


The second question I felt that God was asking me I believe is crucially important to us understanding and living in the power of God. It’s the question Elisha asked the woman, a question that God has been asking me again and again and it’s simply this! “What do you have?” It’s only as we understand what we have in God that we can live and minister fully in all that He has given us.  Read Acts 3:1-10 Did you notice what Peter said to the crippled man “but what I do have I give to you” Peter understood the nature of what he had received from the Lord. There was no doubt in him as he seized the man by the right hand and raised him up, and we are told immediately the man’s feet and ankles were strengthened. Peter knew what he had and ministered in confidence out of that knowledge. It is my hope that we will all grow in our understanding of what we have been given and that will enable us to move in greater confidence and power.


The Holy Spirit (The Helper) was not just given so that we can speak in tongues and give each other nice words. He was given that we might be a people of power who are able to overcome the evil one and live life victoriously declaring the Kingdom of God through our words and deeds!  So that our very lives become a presentation of the gospel (good news).

What you expect God to do for you and what you believe He has given you will have a tremendous impact on what you can do in His name. If you look at Numbers 13 you can see how these principles worked negatively in ten of the spies who were sent into the Promised Land to survey it. These spies knew God had declared He had given this land to their people and even though they had seen all God had done in bringing them out of Egypt, and now could see the land flowing with milk and honey exactly as God had said it would be. They failed to enter the Promised Land because their expectations of God were not great enough to lift them above the giants and so possess the land God had given them. When our expectations of God are low then the problems can become overwhelming and we are unable to receive and move in all the fullness of what God has given us. We then end up being those who only see giants rather than being the giants in God He intended us to be. We are told they became like grasshoppers in their own sight and felt that was the way they were perceived by the people of the land.

I expect these spies thought that they were bringing a balanced report of the land. Yet God described their report as evil because they focused on the perceived problems rather than God’s word and His ability to enable them to overcome them. If we focus only on the problems instead of the greatness of our God we will end up in unbelief and miss out on all He has promised us. So let’s get hold of God’s word and understand what we have been given when we were baptised in the Holy Spirit and lets recognise that whatever you have whether you feel it is great or small, like the oil when it is poured out it has potential to grow. Use what God has given you and see it increase. Finally let me encourage you to:  “Expect great things from God and to Do great things for God.”

Because all down through the ages, people who have known their God have moved on His word to perform exploits in His name.        


By Tim Grant



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