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It was my pleasure to travel to Bulgaria at the beginning of April to minister at our fifth mission school in corporation with “A Time For Harvest” run by Sofi Pranczk, a Bulgarian evangelist.

This year we had students from Belarus, Estonia as well as Bulgaria and drew on evangelists from throughout Europe to teach in the school. It was great to spend time with these believers both young and older who where truly hungry to learn how to minister and lead people into a relationship with Christ. The school has both theory and practical elements to it. The week I was there I taught them in the classroom from 9am – 1pm three sessions each morning and in the afternoons and evenings they went out into the community to put into practice the things they were learning. This ranged from on the street witnessing to visiting in an old folks home to visiting a children's home as well as ministering in churches.

The course finishes with a mission event which this year was a tent festival in Bulgaria. Previous students are now pastoring churches, heading up evangelistic efforts in their home churches and actively involved in evangelism in their nations.




  Fifth Mission School

                           in Sofia

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I was able to make a trip to Kiev in the Ukraine with two friends, Slava and Dave, to speak at a small leaders’ conference. It was great to spend time with this hungry group of leaders and their families. The conference centre was about two hours outside of Kiev in the Ukrainian countryside. Once we left the main roads some of the pot holes were enormous and some roads were more pot holes than roads. They have a saying in the Ukraine that when the snow melts the roads do as well which seemed very true. The little Ukrainian car we were traveling in was about the size of a Ford Fiesta and was packed solid with five adults and two children plus all our luggage and a guitar. Not surprisingly this lead to an interesting journey on these roads although I did manage to sleep for much of it which was a blessing in so many ways.



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