For some time we, like many others in the Church, have had a desire to see the church become the people of power the Bible declares us to be. Through this study we are seeking to encourage believers in the Lord Jesus Christ to start living and moving within the good of all the Bible promises us, to remind them of who they are in God and to establish within local churches a platform for the Holy Spirit to move in power.


This memery card holds all nine sessions in MP3 format with a PDF of the study guide and is just £15.99 + £1.50 UK P&P

You Are Anointed With Power (Healing School)

God has a destiny for each and everyone of us to fulfil. In this study Tim looks at some of the keys to us fulfilling our destiny and taking hold of that for which Christ took hold of us.


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Take Hold Of That For Which Christ Took Hold Of You By Tim Grant

In this two part study “Called by a New Name”, Kim seeks to equip women to see themselves the way God sees them.


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Called By A New Name By Kim Grant

The day Jesus first commissioned Peter it was clear that Peter had already set his priorities concerning the kingdom of God. It was these priorities that enabled him to make the quality decisions which lead to him seeing an amazing miracle and to being commissioned by Jesus.


This single CD is just £3.00 + £1.50 UK P&P

It's Time To Launch Out Into The Deep By Tim Grant

Having an understanding of who you are in Christ Jesus can revolutionise your life and radically change the way you see yourself and what you are able to achieve.

In this study Tim looks at what the bible says about who you are in Christ and how that should change our perspective in life.


This single CD and study leaflet is just £3.00 + £1.50 UK P&P

Who Are You By? Tim Grant

Take hold of that YAAWP CD box & book web called by a new name website launchout2 who are you

The inspiring story of evangelist Tim Grant with miraculous accounts of salvation, healing and provision


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Living Without A Safety Net By Tim Grant


The School of Faith

For forty years we have journeyed around the world seeing thousands come to know Christ and numerous healings and miracles. Now is your chance to learn how we have applied Biblical principles through our life experience. Discover the life of faith that Jesus has for you.


This memery card holds all seven sessions in MP3 format with a PDF of the study guide and is just £12.00 + £1.50 UK P&P

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