At Spearhead we are really excited by the partnership agreements we have with Karuna Action and other agencies such as Break the Cycle to bring much needed practical help to some of the poorest communities where we are ministering. We work closely with these to ensure that the people we minister to not only have their spiritual needs met but many of their physical ones as well.

Relief and Development

Karuna Action are a great group of people who work to improve the lives of many people around the world. They have a proven track record ensuring the money you give ends up with the people you intended it to go to, with a minimum being taken up in administration costs. It is our pleasure to recommend the work of Karuna Action to you and to give you the opportunity to help us minister to the physical needs of those we are ministering to spiritually. Go to for further information.

Small loans that make a big difference........Read More about the ethos of this project by Martin Wade

Break the Cycle

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