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Spearhead to purchase 3,000 seater tent

Some time back I felt God speaking to me about purchasing another tent. We travel to the Balkans every year to carry out missions and it seemed more practical to have a tent based there.  At the same time I felt God encouraging me to get a larger tent which would enable us to put on bigger events. But as the tent we have at this time will seat nearly fifteen hundred people in its largest format, this seemed more than adequate for what we are presently involved in. I decided that perhaps this was not God but just me dreaming!


The trouble was that the feeling would not go away until one day while praying I felt God say to me that the tent we were to purchase was already in England and was no longer in use and that He wanted us to be using it. At this point I contacted the manufacturer of the two tents we have purchased from the USA and asked if they had supplied any tents to the UK that were bigger than ours. The answer surprised me when they replied that they had only supplied one larger tent than ours to the UK and that was to a church in southeast England.


Having obtained the contact details for them it took me some months to work up the courage to phone them. I eventually rang to ask if they might be interested in selling it as they were no longer using it. They seemed surprised at my question and asked how I knew that they were no longer using the tent as they had only just decided that it was now surplus to their requirements.  Praise God for His timing!


Now a few months later we have agreed a price and the £15,000 to purchase it has come in. Praise God that as we take one step at a time He confirms His word. We are now really looking forward to visiting the church to learn how to put up this giant of a tent and to hearing from God as to how we will be using it in the coming years. If you would like to make a donation towards the cost of this project or would like to receive more details of our work, please contact us.