“We had two guests, evangelists from England, who were on a missionary trip to Macedonia and Bulgaria. They were guests of a monthly fellowship of Sofia pastors hosted in our church. With about 15 pastors from the leading churches in Sofia we were in prayer.


The same evening we had our regular prayer service. And the evangelists gave their testimonies. At the end of the service a prayer line for healing was formed. Prayers started.


Praise God! We experienced many miracles that evening. Here are some of them:


One young boy, he had for 4 years nails in the feet. Few months ago he had an operation and they removed the nails, but the left leg grew shorter more than 1 inch. After a prayer the leg grew and became like the other.


A lady with curtains of eyes (cataracts) received healing, totally clear eyes.


Another lady was feeling “ants” in the body, after the prayer everything is gone. Her daughter (16 years old) started to visit the church and she is very impressed by the youth.


A young lady with stomach disease was totally healed. No more pains.


We are so thankful to God!”        Bulgaria March 2013


"Let me share a testimony. In Lagos you did pray for my daughter that was always complaining and crying about constant headache and after your prayer she was completely healed. She never had any other complaint. Praise the Lord!" Portugese pastor Fusion Festival June 2013

During the mornings teams went out into the town of Stip in Macedonia to preach the Gospel and invite people to the meetings taking place in the tent during the rest of the day. The people of Stip were generally very open on the streets and we had many opportunities to share and pray for people.


One man who had a very swollen face and seemed to be in a lot of pain walked away after receiving prayer with a smile on his face, much improved. Another guy who watched us pray for this gentleman declared that he would bring his wife for prayer that evening after seeing what had happened with this man.       Macedonia July 2013

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