Healings took place almost every night. These healings were not confined to the gatherings in the tent. As word went out into the community that God was touching lives requests started to come in for team members to go out into homes throughout the area to minister to those with all kinds of ailments. I was called upon to pray with a number of people in this way along with two or three other team members.


One lady who had been bed bound for many weeks with ME asked us to go and pray with her in her home. When we saw her she didn’t look much more than a bag of bones and as she was very weak she hardly had the energy to move. When I asked if it was alright to put a hand on her shoulder as we prayed she replied, “I would rather you didn’t as it hurts so much when anyone touches me”. We prayed and then after a quick cuppa with her mother left. The next day we heard she was feeling much better and that evening she boldly walked into the tent much to the surprise of many of her friends. She told me that all her energy had returned and most of the pain had left her body, all except a little pain in her shoulder. After another quick prayer that pain was gone as well. After the mission finished she went on holiday with her family, something they had been planning and had organised a wheelchair for her. Needless to say the wheelchair was not needed!


Another man called us out to minister to him as he had been taken ill with shingles. When we arrived at his house his wife showed us into one of the bedrooms. It was completely dark and we were not even sure if there was anyone in there until he spoke to us. He explained that even a little light coming into the room caused him great discomfort. Again we prayed and commanded the sickness to leave his body and after a short talk left him. That evening his wife reported to us that after we had prayed he got out of bed and came downstairs for a meal as he felt so much better.


One evening a man came forward in response to a word of knowledge about a frozen shoulder. After a short prayer his shoulder was free and working again. To prove this to the congregation he lifted one of our fold-back speakers above his head with the arm that had moments before been frozen. These sort of testimonies were common place during the evenings and have continued to come in long after the Festival ended.



Brentwood 'The Way' Festival August 2013



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