Reports: Uganda

The team consisted of leader Tim Grant, Peter Stott, Doug and Penny Orford, Derek Harris (from Swanage) and Ted and Helen Stevens (for whom this was their first Mission Trip).  Before leaving the team received a prophetic word that we were like pieces

on a chess board; all different, all having a part to play, all unique but that together we would achieve all that God was sending

us to do.  This was to prove an accurate word for a trip that was to stretch us and enlarge us both spiritually and emotionally.


The Mission's focus was on Christian Marriage and a series of seminars and conferences had been organised both for pastors/leaders and for churchmembers in Kampala and Lugolole (near Jinja) in Uganda and Kitale in Kenya.

Ted headed up the marriage talks and it was obvious from the outset that Kingdom principles on marriage run counter to many practices in the African culture.  Question and answer sessions were lively and informative and wefelt that we had begun to lay a foundational framework of Godly principles. There is still a long way to go - we in the West have not 'got it all right' where marriage and family is concerned.  The important thing is that every teaching must be based on the Word of God.


In Lugolole a pastor's daughter was gang-raped during our visit by men who believe  that this act will cure them of HIV/AIDS.  The team went to the hospital and while Helen and Penny comforted and prayed with the girl therest of the team were invited to pray in the wards with every single patient.  They laid hands on lepers, expectant mothers, babies and children and every person there listened as Tim spoke of God's love and salvation. Jeremiah 29 v 11-14 "For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord,

"plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future" became the scripture of the trip.  Even in this tragedy God had the last word and brought good out of evil.


We helped the church in Kitale in feeding the street boys and visited the widows and orphans in a settlement camp which had been set up two years ago following the Kenyan conflict and helped to distribute food and clothing. We were humbled by the grace shown by these widows and moved to tears by their testimonies of persecution and hardship.


In Kampala Derek and Peter prayed for a lady we had seen in previous years who had a blind eye and she was instantly healed and her sight restored - Praise God!


Evening crusades were held in Kampala, Lugolole and Kitale.  Many hundreds came each night and heard Tim preach the word of God.  We prayed for the sick and many testified to their healing and approximately 300 people received Jesus as their Saviour and received salvation.


The monsoon rains came one month early just as we arrived in Uganda.  There is a saying there that if the rains come unexpectedly when visitors arrive then they have brought a blessing with them.  We as team members were certainly blessed and inspired by this mission trip, and above all by having received renewed confirmation of our God's faithfulness.


by Penny Orford

Marriage Seminars in East Africa ~ 2010