World Missions


This team will be working alongside local churches at a Tent Mission ministering within the Sofia Gypsy community. The team can expect to be praying throughout the area as well as teaching children and encouraging believers during the daytime. In the evenings they will be involved in the gospel healing services held under the Big Top. Accommodation will be in a hotel. Each day the team will leave at about 10am returning again late in the evening. We will eat lunches and evening meals in local restaurants. During the trip there will be some opportunity to do some sight seeing. The costs of this trip includes travelling, accommodation and breakfast.



Following the success of two previous missions in this country this is yet another opportunity to join with us reaching out into this former eastern block nation and have your faith increased. We are planning this mission from the 16th June - 20th June which comes out of a prophecy we received in 2005.The team will minister during the evening outreach meetings under the Big Top as well as working alongside the church and encouraging believers during the daytime. We expect to see many people come into a relationship with Jesus as well as many healings.



Following the success of previous years missions in Serbia we have been invited back. Teams will be working alongside a Spearhead Tent Mission. They will be working with churches and Miro & Snezana Fic who have a vision to stimulate and envision churches to move on into all that God has for them as well as reaching out into their communities sharing the Good News of Jesus. To this end they have been training leaders and preparing the nets and now feel it is the time to reach out into groups including the Serbian, Hungarian, Slovakian and Roma peoples. The teams will be staying with families from the churches or  in small hotels.




This team will be working alongside churches reaching out into some of the poorest communities in Kampala and Katile as well as encourging believers in their faith. During the last trip we saw people saved, healed and added to the church. Conditions here can be quite hard and temperatures high so this is not one for the faint hearted. The team will be staying in hotels of varing standards.



We continue to support a growing network of churches in this vast country. Travel around the nation is rather challenging especialy in the winter months! The people are struggling financially and corruption is rife but it is in this environment that the Gospel is having an impact.


Please contact us if you have a heart to reach out to these countries with us.

Now is your chance to join Spearhead working with churches we are serving around the world supporting the work of the national leaders.  Everywhere we are involved we are seeking to promote church models that are Biblically based and looking to present everybody complete in Christ.


In many countries where we are working we are not only looking to meet the spiritual needs but are also supporting the ongoing relief and development work taking place through the ministry of Kingscare.


By joining one or more of our short term mission teams you will have a great opportunity to further resource and encourage these churches. The teams will get involved at all levels with the works they are going out to serve. So you could find yourself encouraging a believer by sharing how you overcame some common problem through your relationship with Jesus or praying for God to intervene in some situation or maybe it will just be doing some practical task that you have the skills to accomplish.  Whatever it is, you will find that coming on a short term mission team is challenging, life changing and rewarding. You will see your faith grow and you can be sure you will never be the same again! We are planning to take teams to:

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